Real Estate Trainers
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To meet all requirements for certification and to ensure continuity and success in our programs of education, the following policies will be in effect:

It is expected that all students will complete their initial course within six months of their first class attendance date. Any failure to complete the initial course of instruction in this period of time will result in failure to obtain Certificate of Completion.

If a student must miss a class or any part thereof, the school should be informed prior to the beginning of that day's class. All missed classes must be made up in order for the student to obtain Certification of Completion. No out of class make up work can be done to replace a class. Attendance of re-instruction of the missed subject matter is mandatory.

Students must be on time for all class sessions. Any student who is more than 15 minutes late to any session will not be given credit for that session.

There is no pass/fail grading system in any of the courses provided. Students receive a Course Completion Certificate when the required attendance is completed. All classes in the course will have homework quizzes and "final exams" associated with them to enhance the student's learning and State Exam preparation.

The student must turn off all pagers and cell phones and may not bring any reading material except that which is directly related to the Real Estate course.

The classroom is a non-smoking environment, all other tobacco products are prohibited in the class.

Assured Preparation

Real Estate Trainers offers "Assured Preparation" for all of its students. The student may retake all or any portion of the class within 90 days after failing the Real Estate exam without paying a fee when the following criteria are met and still fails to pass the Arkansas Real Estate Commission Examination.

The student must complete the entire course in 60 consecutive classroom hours and be in attendance 100% of the time at each session. The student must complete all in-class quizzes and the "final exam.”

The student must apply to the AREC to take the first available examination offered in Northwest Arkansas after completion of the Real Estate Trainers course.

The student must sit for the examination at the first available opportunity as scheduled by the Promissor Testing Service.

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